Frequently Asked Questions

How to measure for bracelets...

Take a tape measure and wrap it around your wrist. Try to wrap it tight, but not too tight to the point where it is uncomfortable. This is your wrist measurement. Bracelets that match this measurement will have a tight fit. For a looser fit, add 1/2 an inch. For example, an individual with a wrist measurement of 6" who wants a looser fit should order a bracelet measuring 6.5" or greater.

    Example: My wrist measures 6"-6.5". If I want a tight fit, I would order a bracelet that is 6"-6.5". If I want a looser fit, I would order a 6.5"-7". I like my bracelets tight enough that they are not sliding around my wrist. However, most people are more  comfortable with a looser fit.

Clasp Care:



These hinges are gorgeous and perfect for that vintage, rustic, or steampunk look. Please note that these hinges do not fully secure your bracelet. They may come undone.


Snaps are hand sewn on. Simply pulling the snaps apart puts stress on the leather and will wear it down faster. For increased life expectancy, place a finger nail between the snap closures to pop them apart. 


I offer repairs on all bracelets. The price of the repair will depend on the type of repair. 

For a repair, email me at or contact me on my website.

How do I wear my Pony Tail?

In your hair!

There are many ways to wear your Pony Tail. All Pony Tails come set on a hair tie. Simply put your hair into a ponytail and add the Pony Tail by wrapping the hair tie around your existing one. Once in place, let the yarn fall free, braid them in, or pull them up in a bun. I am fond of using a safety pin to add my Pony Tails to the inside of my top hat. Be creative!

(pictures coming soon)

On your rear!

These Pony Tails are perfect for My Little Pony or any animal cosplays. Simply slide a belt through the hair tie, wrap the hair tie around a belt or any loop, or add a safety pin.

(pictures to come)

I would LOVE to see your Pony Tails! Send me a picture of your hairdo or of your cosplay. I would love to share them on my website, facebook, and pinterest. Also, if you think up a new way to wear your Pony Tail, please let me know. You can send your pictures and messages to or contact me on my website.